Pokémon GO: Unveiling the Extravaganza of January 2024 – A Trainer’s Guide to Epic Adventures”


As the Pokémon GO community eagerly steps into the new year, the anticipation for thrilling adventures and dynamic challenges reaches a fever pitch. Niantic has masterfully crafted a lineup of events and features for January 2024, promising an exhilarating kickstart for trainers across the globe. Let’s delve into the five spectacular aspects that await avid players in the Pokémon GO universe.

A Festive Riot of Legendary Returns:

The inception of January unfolds with the grandeur of the Pokémon GO New Year’s 2024 celebration – a festive extravaganza set to dazzle trainers. Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts make a triumphant return in five-star Raids, presenting trainers with formidable challenges and rare rewards. Mega Ampharos, a fan-favorite, takes center stage in Mega Raids, while the whimsical Party Hat Pokémon make playful appearances in one- and three-star Raids, injecting a sense of celebration into the gameplay.

Adding to the excitement are the new additions of Ribbon Jigglipuff and Ribbon Wigglipuff, captivating creatures that can be encountered in the wild or through Paid Timed Research. A special mention goes to the New Year’s 2024 bonuses, which reduce egg-hatch distance by half, making it an opportune time for trainers to hatch coveted Pokémon from 7 KM eggs. This event promises to be a must-attend celebration, blending festivities with thrilling Pokémon encounters.

A Dazzling Showcase of Grass Quill Splendor:

Trainers are in for an immersive experience on January 6 with the Pokémon GO Rowlet Community Day, where the spotlight shines on the Shiny variants of Rowlet, Dartrix, and Decidueye. This three-hour event not only provides a limited-time opportunity to capture these dazzling creatures but also brings forth a host of bonuses.

The Rowlet Community Day’s bonuses include 2x Catch Candy, 2x Chance to receive Candy XL from catching Pokémon, and more. What sets this event apart is the strategic inclusion of a bonus Dartrix Raid right after the event, offering trainers a chance to encounter Rowlet in a nearby location where its raid will be hosted. Additionally, trainers have the unique opportunity to evolve a Rowlet into a Decidueye that knows the Charged Attack Frenzy Plant. This community day promises not only shiny encounters but also strategic gameplay for trainers seeking to maximize their gains.

Forces of Nature Trio Return: Legendary Skies Awaken with Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus (Therian Form):

Prepare for an awe-inspiring spectacle as the Forces of Nature trio—Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus (Therian Form)—descend upon Pokémon GO Raid Battles in January. These legendary Pokémon boast formidable battle prowess, each belonging to the flying type, with Thundurus and Landorus sporting sub-types that add an extra layer of strategy.

What makes these additions remarkable is their versatile move pools. Tornadus commands moves like Gust and Astonish, Thundurus wields Bite and Volt Switch, and Landorus, despite being a Ground- and Flying-type, surprises with Fast Attacks like Extrasensory (Psychic). Trainers capturing these powerhouses during the Raid period will be rewarded with signature moves – Bleakwind Storm, Wildbolt Storm, and Sandsear Storm, respectively. These battles promise to be a test of skill and strategic planning for trainers aiming to add these majestic creatures to their teams.

Spotlight Hour Specials: A Weekly Showcase of Pokémon Delights:

Every Tuesday in January, Pokémon GO introduces Spotlight Hour, a dedicated event featuring a different Pokémon with increased capture rates. The month kicks off with the return of Castform, a versatile creature with four different forms, offering trainers a chance to bolster their collection.

As the month progresses, Eevee and Ralts take center stage in the second and third weeks, bringing with them special bonuses of 2X Catch Candy and 2X Transfer Candy. The final two weeks showcase Barboach and Fungoos, each accompanied by unique bonuses of 2X Evolution XP and 2X Catch Stardust. These Spotlight Hours not only provide ample opportunities for trainers to capture specific Pokémon but also offer valuable bonuses to enhance their overall gameplay experience.

GO Battle League Showdowns: A Strategic Journey through Leagues and Remixes:

The Pokémon GO Battle League takes center stage in January, offering trainers a platform to showcase the synergy they’ve built with their trained creatures. The month kicks off with the Ultra League and Great League Remix, each imposing specific Pokémon restrictions, adding an extra layer of strategy to battles.

For those eager to test their skills early in the month, the Great League makes a brief return from December 30 to January 6. Subsequent battle formats include the Master League, Fantasy Cup, Hisui Cup, and more, each designed with unique rules and challenges. The strategic evolution of creatures becomes crucial, as trainers navigate through these leagues, aiming to secure victories and unlock various rewarding opportunities.


As trainers embark on a new year filled with Pokémon encounters, raids, and battles, the January 2024 lineup in Pokémon GO is nothing short of a captivating odyssey. Niantic’s commitment to delivering fresh content and engaging experiences ensures that players will be immersed in a dynamic world of augmented reality gaming. Gear up for an exhilarating month of discoveries, challenges, and triumphs as Pokémon GO continues to evolve, providing an ever-enriching experience for trainers worldwide.

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